Category Four: Community Engaged Learning (CEL)

Community Engaged Learning 

Indigenous Community Engaged Learning Experiences

Search global experiences abroad in Atlas, Western’s international experience portal (link). Look for Impact and CEL experiences on the CEL website (link). For volunteer experiences hosted through OII, please contact .

(30 points) Indigenous Exchange or Study Abroad

  • Details TBD

(20 points) Internship

  • MUST be Indigenous-focused or Indigenous-led

( 20 points) Impact Experience

    • MUST be Indigenous-focused or Indigenous-led
    • Local: Details TBD
    • Peru: Impact Experience - Western University (

(20 points) Faculty-Led Study or Work Abroad

  • MUST be Indigenous-focused or Indigenous-led

(20 points) Approved Community Engaged Learning

  • MUST be Indigenous-focused or Indigenous-led

(20 points) Volunteer (25 hours) at a local Indigenous organization (organized by OII)

(20 points) Serve as an executive member of an Indigenous-focused student club or group at Western

(20 points) Completion of a Head & Heart Fellowship

*Please note, for these experiences to count towards the Honour, you must submit a reflection highlighting the Indigenous components of your experiences and what you have gained from the Indigenous experience.

Other university-sanctioned credit or non-credit global experiences abroad that are not listed in Atlas may be considered for this category requirement. A university-sanctioned experience is considered an activity that has been approved, authorized, and/or supported by a Western University unit, department, staff and/or faculty member. Students who would like to claim an experience that is not listed in Atlas must provide additional documentation at the time of application.